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Welcome to our Xbox name generator! So if you landed on this website, you will probably agree with us on at least one thing: a good gamer name is not easy to think of. Of course, you could just smash together some random words, nouns and adjectives, add some sort of prefix or suffix, and say it will be “good enough”. But will it actually be?

You must have noticed that the best players usually have really cool names. This is not a coincidence and neither this can be explained by the simple remark that these kids take the game seriously and thus they did not spare neither time, nor effort to find a really cool gaming nickname. The thing is, the good gaming nickname is probably one of the reasons why they are currently among the most respected gamers. Had they chosen the lame gaming names, there is a high probability that by this day they would have been “chewed up and spat out” by the gaming community. To make sure your gaming “career” does not end up too early due to the same reasons, we have developed this Xbox name generator. Thousands of different cool and original nicknames are now at your fingertips!

Now if you are really new at this, you might be wondering why all the names suggested by this Xbox name generator are relatively short. There are a couple of reasons behind that, but the first of them is convincing enough: Xbox GamerTag system does not allow choosing names that consist of more than 15 characters. But even if there were no limitations you should know that when it comes to the names, the longer is not the better. In fact, the contrary is true. A good gaming name has to be short, catchy and memorable.

So what do you do to get some cool suggestions? This is as easy as it ever gets… Just click the button right below this text and the system will come up with one new name. Have fun using this Xbox name generator and if you like it, do not forget to recommend it to your friends! By the way, take your time to make sure you are making the right choice and won’t change your mind in a several hours/days! The last time we checked the rule that you can only change the GamerTag if you pay 800 Microsoft Points still applied…

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