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Thank you for choosing this Wutang name generator! So, if you landed on this website, you probably belong to the wide and dedicated fandom of Wu Tang Clan. We are not surprised you admire them… After all, this is definitely one of the greatest hip hop bands that have ever existed. Ant his is not just our opinion! Wu Tang Clan members have been named as the greatest rappers ever by variety of opinion leaders, critics and influential music magazines, such as Rolling Stone.

But even if you are not a great fan of hip hop music and do not admire this band, you will probably agree that there is something special about the names (nicknames) of its members… They are powerful, they are original and in a certain way, they just say “badass”. In fact this is one of the main reasons why we have started working on this Wutang name generator. As you might already know, the name is what the people you meet base their first judgment on. Thus a cool name is essential if you want to make a certain positive first impression: if you want to be seen as a strong person who always stands his grounds and does not follow the rules that are imposed on him by others; who has seen the life in the streets and is not afraid to step into a bad neighborhood, the one who inflicts respect with a slight pinch of fear… So is this what you want? If the answer is yes, this Wutang name generator is exactly what you need.

In order to make sure that the suggestions provided by this system are actually full of wild Wu Tang spirit, we have looked back at the nicknames used by the original Clan members and associated artists. Thus if you see the name that is extremely similar to the one that belongs to the rapper whose track you have just listened to, you should know this is no accident. Respected Demon, Profound Genius, Lucky Criminal, Visional Ambassador, Tuff Professional… These are just a several examples of cool names you will be able to choose from.

Now here is what you do to get an original suggestion: you click the button right below this text and wait! Ok, “wait” is not the perfect word, as it will only take half a second… But you got the main point, right? So go ahead and have fun using this Wutang name generator!

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