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Thank you for choosing this WoW name generator. We do not doubt that most of our visitors know exactly what kind of system they have just found. However, to avoid any misunderstandings, let us say right now. This WoW name generator is not some sort of system that generates awe-inspiring (or Wow-inspiring), jar dropping-names… Ok, the names it is able to suggest are pretty damn good, but this is not all that should be said about them. All of these names are generated to suit characters that feature in World of Warcraft, arguably the greatest and the most addictive role playing video game ever. And why would we create a system like that? If you don’t know the answer to this question yet, you either have never played this RPG or was gifted with an extraordinary imagination. If the later is true, congratulations for you! Unfortunately, most of us mortals find it quite difficult to come up with original and memorable names that would suit particular races. And we do not mind if there is a free and convenient online systems to help us deal with this task…

So what kinds of names (to be more particular, for what types of characters) are you going to find on this webpage? Actually, all of them! We are not kidding, while working on this system we made it our priority to include some names that would suite each of the playable races on World of Warcraft. Judging from some online polls, the WoW characters, their races and subraces (from the most, to the least popular), could be ranked as follows: Blood Elf Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Mage, Tauren Druid, Blood Elf Hunter, Priest, Blood Elf Mage and Blood Elf Warlock. Due to the seeming popularity of elf characters, their names constitute relatively greatest part of our database. Tundel, Carar, Celinda, Amel, Urelia, Geclycia, Isiowiel, Anawiel, Nadiwi, Aelyra, Nielairel, Caladrieda, Madaw, Amang- these are just a few examples of charming elf names you might want to choose. However, this WoW name generator will also suggest you variety of names that will suit other races that inhabit Tamriel.

So how do you start looking? Just click the button that reads “Generate WoW Names” and one fantastic suggestion will pop out right in front of you. There is no need for you to memorize the names, as all of them will be listed below in the same page. We hope you will find this WoW name generator useful!

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