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Welcome to our wolf name generator! There is probably no need to tell that we are not here to discuss the key naming tips for your pet-wolf… If, however (no matter how hard we find this to believe) some of the people currently reading this article are here exactly for this reason- don’t turn around! The names generated by this system could be perfect suitable for all the canine beasts and creatures (except for Yorkshire terriers maybe, and similar breeds). Now although the applicability of this system is rather wide, we have actually created this wolf name generator to help you come up with the names for wolf and werewolf characters in video games.

As you already know, in the modern days these creatures, which are often mentioned in the folklore of European countries, feature in variety of pop culture products. Not only the often appear in computer games, they are also portrayed as the main characters in variety of television series (such as Vampire Diaries) and movies, including (should we say great or notorious?) trilogy The Twilight Saga. Although the wolf and werewolf characters seem to be taking over the popular culture, this does not necessarily make the task of coming up with their names any easier. We have heard and read the complaints of multiple gamers who still waste their time trying to come up with the original and convincing names for their RPG characters of this kind all on their own. As we have already mentioned, this wolf name generator was developed to make their lives a little easier. Now that you have found it, you too have an access to the extensive database of names that suit these creatures.

So how do you use it? Just click the button that reads “Generate Wolfe Names”. Now it is not unlikely that you will love the first name you see… Our suggestion is: don’t grab it right away, give this system a chance to generate something even better! If you really like the first suggestion and don’t want it to slip out of your mind, slide down the window, find it in the list titled “Wolf Names Generated” and click on it. This way it will be transferred to your favorites section and continue waiting for you there. Have fun using this wolf name generator and besides, don’t forget to take the copy of your favorites list before you leave the website!

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