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Thank you for choosing our witch name generator! As you might already know, not so long ago (well, at least relatively…) allowing people to believe that you might be practicing magic was extremely dangerous. Nobody know how many women exactly have lost their lives due to the superstition (or maybe just hatred masked with lies) of their neighbors. Fortunately, this is 21st century and although in our daily language being called a witch is not exactly a compliment, it is definitely not an accusation that might put your life in danger. In fact, since the invention of television some witch characters have managed to win the hearts of millions of people! Just think about Samantha Stephens from the legendary 1960s show Bewitched (definitely one of my favorite television series ever), Sabrina (the teenage witch) and Hermione…

The amazing (and seemingly still increasing) popularity of characters with magic talents have encouraged us to start working on this witch name generator. We know that at any given day, at any minute, there are hundreds of book authors and screenwriters struggling to come up with original and melodic names for their characters. We hope that with a help of this witch name generator their female practitioners of magic will get names in no time and in turn, the authors will have more time left to develop their stories. The stylistic range of names this system is capable of generating is pretty wide, thus no matter if the which you are picturing lives in the 17th century, in a company of a black cat and crow, and normally spends her days boiling poisons in a huge black cattle or is she a modern girl, like Sabrina, you will find something appropriate.

You are neither an author, nor a screenwriter, just guy/girl who enjoys playing video games and reading fantasy books? If this is the case, there are still at least several ways in which this system could help you have some fun. First of all, you could use it to find names for your characters in role playing games. Second, it could be a perfect tool if you need a magic-themed nickname or pseudonym. Some of the names you will be suggested sound as if they were taken from old fairytales, the others will remind you of characters featuring in Harry Potter books. Arabella Mousestinker, Helga Toadbuster, Eileen Wormbuster, Angelica Slugchomper, Ambrosia Minerva, Belvina Lisette, Rosmerta Magenta… These are just a few examples of wonderful suggestions this witch name generator will offer for your use!

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