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Thank you for choosing our Wiccan name generator. So as you already know, Wicca is usually defined as a modern pagan, witchcraft religion, which gained popularity in the 1950s. It draws upon a wide range of 20th century hermetic and ancient pagan motifs for its ritual practice and theological structure. Are you wondering why is it called Wicca? In old English language, the “wicca” is the equivalent of “wizard” or the masculine form of the word “witch”.

If you are familiar with neither the origins, nor the key features and tenets of this religion, before starting to use this Wiccan name generator you should know at least a several things. First, Wicca has no central authority and is generally a diverse religion. It includes variety of traditions or denominations, each of which has a different level of centralization and an original structure. Due to this decentralization, there has been some disagreement over the question what actually constitutes Wiccan religion. However, typically the followers of Wicca are duotheists and worship god and mother goddess.

Of course, none of these facts provide a direct explanation why would anybody need a Wiccan name generator. In order for you to understand this, you should know about one other tradition. Usually, when a person decides to dedicate himself for Wicca, he takes a brand new name. This symbolizes the beginning of the new life, the rebirth. So if you start thinking about it, this tradition is quite similar to the Christening, another religious ritual that is known for all of us.

Some modern pagans believe that each of us is born with a magical name and somewhere deep down in our hearts we already know it. Thus, all we actually need is to remember it. One of the most effective methods to help yourself remember your magical name is to spend some time alone in the nature. However, this trick does not work 100% of times and even more importantly, not every one of us has time and opportunities to meditate in the woods. Thus what we need is something that would help us remember our magical names and we believe that this Wiccan name generator actually can do it.

So how do you use this system? Just click the button that reads “Generate Wiccan Names” and the new suggestion will appear right in front of you. Have fun using this Wiccan name generator recommend this website for your friends!

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