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Thank you for choosing this warrior cats name generator! As you already know, warrior cats are the characters introduced by three female authors, Kate, Tui and Victoria, who decided to publish their writing under one pseudonym, which reflects the spirit of their novels- Erin Hunter. After the release of their books, a video game followed. “Warriors”, the simple yet extremely entertaining online game, can be found on the website www.warriorcats.com. If you have ever tried playing it, you already know that before you can assume a character, start training for the battle and hunting for food, you have to complete one task that is actually pretty far from being fun… You have to come up with an original name for your character that would suit the atmosphere of the game. Personally I always found this task extremely annoying and I knew I cannot be the only one who does not enjoy wasting my time for it. This is why I decided it is time to start working on an automatic warrior cats name generator.

After a several days of work, I present you the result: a warrior cats name generator that runs on the extensive database of nouns and adjectives, prefixes and suffixes. Each time you click the button right below this text, the system uses them to generate a random warrior cat name that resembles the names used by Erin Hunter in the original novels. Some of them sounds rather dangerous and are best suited for the members of Shadowclan, who are known to be aggressive, greedy, ambitious and power-hungry. The others are more appropriate for Skyclan cats, the creatures that never initiate hostility and appreciate privacy. To sum up, there are names appropriate for every tribe. You will see this by yourself when you start using this system. Besides, we have also tried to take into account the fact that the warrior cats live in hierarchic societies where each member belongs to a certain category: we included some names that are most suitable for kit-mothers, pray-hunters, cave-guards, elders, healers and etc.

We bet by this time you are at your fingertips with curiosity to check out what this warrior cats name generator is actually capable of… So go ahead and do it! Registration is not necessary and we are not going to ask you for any fees, all we want is for you to have fun playing. Good luck hunting and fighting in the battlefield!

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