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Well hello and welcome to our video game name generator! Now there is no need to tell you that most of the video games, no matter how cool they are, have the same annoying starting point: all of them require you to come up with a gaming nickname. You have probably already given it a try, but this task is not as easy as it might seem from the first sight. Especially if you are not willing to end up with some lame name (most typically, consisting of some random words and numbers) you have never even liked on the first place. And you should not be willing to go into such “compromises”.

This might sound a little dramatic, knowing we are talking about gaming name, not some sort of life changing choices, but if you start thinking about it, video game name is quite important. As for one reason, it will be the first thing that the fellow members of your gaming community will base their judgment on. Pick a lame nickname and hell knows how much time you will have to spend trying to prove that it does not actually represent you as a gamer or a real-life person. To save you from this sort of troubles, we have developed a video game name generator which runs on an impressive database of original names. Although not all of them are equally cool, there are certainly no lame names, thus even if you fail to make the best choice possible, this won’t lead to some sort of social disaster.

All you have to do to start looking is click the button that reads “Generate Video Game Names”. Each time you do that, the new suggestion will pop out right in front of you. Feel free to mix/smash some names together, but remember that the cool name has to stay relatively short. Now how do you decide when the variety of options provided by this video game name generator is nearly overwhelming? To help you in this situation, we have developed two separate lists: one titled “Video Game Names Generated” and the other “Favorite Names”. Transfer your favorite names from the first list to the second by the simple click and they won’t get lost in the flood of suggestions. Have fun using this video game name generator and do not forget this website the next time you are about to start playing!

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