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Thank you for choosing this Twitter name generator! So you might think that the number of followers the person has on Twitter does not depend on his user name. But this is not exactly true. If you did a little research, you would find out that a lot of people do pay attention to names, as well as avatars, when choosing who to follow and who to unfollow. One “Twitter starlet” I know, the cute and witty girl with hundreds of followers, actually did a little experiment. For a few days she adopted a really offensive name and changed an avatar, so nobody would recognize her. And what do you think happened? During that short period she has lost tens of followers! To make sure you won’t lose any followers due to poor name choice (or repudiate people before they even start following you), we have developed an advanced Twitter name generator.

Now before you start using this system you should know at least several things. First of all, some researches indicate that one of the most reliable ways to attract followers is to use your real name. This is because people feel more comfortable when they know who they are dealing with. However, using you real name as twitter name is not always the best option. There is variety of reasons why you might not want to unfold your real identity on twitter. In fact, sometimes it isn’t even available. Unless your parents have been extremely creative while naming you, there is a good chance that somebody with exactly the same name has already used this option. Now when for one reason or another you can’t/don’t want to use your real name, probably the second best option is picking the name that describes you. Of course, this Twitter name generator was made to be universal, thus not all of the names it is going to provide you are going to match your personality. But if you look closely, you will definitely find some names that describe you in one aspect or another.

Just a couple more tips before you go ahead and start using this Twitter name generator: remember that the name you choose should be rather short and unique. This way it will be easier to remember and you won’t get lost among millions of other Twitter users. That is all we have to say for this time. We hope you will find the name you are looking for!

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