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Thank you for choosing our Time Lord name generator! Now we know that some of our visitors, who are going to be reading this text, will actually have no idea what kind of lords are we talking about. They will follow the link that leads to this webpage out of pure curiosity, hoping to be introduced to the type of fantasy characters they have not heard before or to be reminded of something they have apparently forgotten. If you belong to the category of people we have just described, here comes some brief information that will help you understand what this Time Lord name generator is all about. And if you think you already know all you need (and maybe a little bit more), you can skip the following paragraph.

So you are curious what kind of species Time Lord is? Those two words refer to an extraterrestrial civilization that features in one of the most watched, as well as critically acclaimed, television series ever- “Doctor Who?”. Doctor Who, the show’s main character, is a Time Lord too. And how did this civilization deserved such a weird name? This humanoid species received it for their strange (at least from our point of you), non-linear perception of time and ability to see both the past and the future. Using their extraordinary knowledge and advanced technologies Time Lords have started traveling through time and space, manipulating the timelines. Sounds pretty fascinating, does not it? Well this is why these series have earned five consecutive National Television Awards and why we have developed this Time Lord name generator.

Are you also the fan of this fascinating television series that has been aired since 1963? Would you like to know what would be your name if you belonged to the extraterrestrial civilization that has found the way to manipulate time? If you are currently sitting in front of your computer enthusiastically nodding your head, click the button below this text and your wish will be granted. You don’t have to stop at the first name! New suggestions will keep appearing as long as you keep clicking that little button. If you really like some name and don’t want to forget it, slide down the window until you see it at the top of the list titled “Time Lords Names Generated” and click on it. This way it will be transferred into your favorites list and continue waiting for you there. We hope you have fun using this Time Lord name generator!

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