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When I told one of my friends I was working on a sword name generator he was a little confused, to say the least. I was not surprised to see that “what the…?” look on his face. Most people would probably have no clue why in the world would somebody need a system that automatically generates sword names. However, you and I know that sometimes using sword name generator is the best way to save some time and nerves.

First of all, the system we have developed could be a perfect tool for some game developers. As you might already know, in variety of massively multiplayer online role playing games (abbreviated as MMORPGs) the players get a chance to choose from variety of weapons. Probably the most common of them, at least in fantasy games, are spears, bows, arrows, pikes, knives, axes and of course, swords. In many games each of these categories consists of variety of items with different qualities, pros and cons. And each of these items has a representative name. Now can you imagine yourself in a situation where you have to think of names for tens of weapons? I have tried to and I actually thought that if I was left to deal with this task alone I would probably quit my job and go serve some burgers and wipe some tables in the closest fast-food restaurant instead. So at least partially, the creation of this sword name generator was encouraged by my sincere wish to help the poor game developers and their assistants.

But this is not the only reason I started working on this system. I also believe that it could be useful for thousands of gamers, as there are quite a few RPGs that require players to come up with original names for their weapons. Besides, you might be interested to learn that naming swords, as well as some of the other weapons is a tradition that was actually cherished for hundreds of years. Swords are also named in Lord of the Rings books and movies. Anglachel and Anguirel are the names of swords that were smithed Eol, the Dark Elf, Aranruth is the name of the sword that belonged to Elu Thingol, Dagmor was the sword used by Beren and so on…

But enough of talking, go ahead and check out this sword name generator! All you have to do to get a suggestion is click the button below this text!

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