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Thank you for choosing our super villain name generator! One does not have to be a professional author or screenwriter to know that it is impossible to write a great story and present it in a jaw-dropping way, if you avoid introducing evil characters. I’m no good at coming up with interesting narratives by myself, but I have watched enough movies and read sufficient amount of books to know this is truth. The stories that try to portray the world as if it was a perfect place inhabited by kindhearted, selfless people are usually forgotten within hours after reading/watching (if they ever reach the bookstores and cinemas at all). We may adore the heroes and despise their nemesis, but we must agree that without them our heroes would be just ordinary citizens. Plus, you must have noticed that at least in films, it is not that uncommon for the villains to lose the battle against heroic characters, but to win the hearts of audience. Just think about Thor…

Having this said, I think there is no need for further explanations why we believe that this super villain name generators could be irreplaceable tool for both book (comic book) authors and screenwriters. And if you are still not convinced, just try to imagine what the story of Batman would look like if it was not for all of his enemies (Abator, Amygdala, Anarky, Bane, Black Mask, Blockbuster, Captain Stringaree, Catwoman, Clayface, Wrath, Ten-Eyed Man, Thanatos, Torque and so on…)? What would be X-Men movies and comic books all about if there were no Adversay, Ambhibius, Azazel, Basilisk, Lady Deathstrike, Lorelei, Magneto, Magma, malice, Mastermind, Pyro, Quill, Prism, Pypers, Nocturne, Omega Red and etc.?

While developing the database for this super villain name generator we have drawn inspiration from the classic movies, animated series and comic book villains. Thus some of the names you will be suggested might resemble the names of evil characters associated with Iron Man, Star Wars, Hulk, James Bond, Wonder Woman, Flash, Fantastic Four, Doctor Who, Captain America, Green lantern and etc. But you will see this by yourself, as soon as you start using this super villain name generator. And how are you supposed to do that? Just click the button right below this text and the system will do the rest. In this same window you will find two separate sections that will help you sort out your favorite suggestions. We hope you’ll have fun!

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