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Thank you for choosing this super hero name generator! Most people find it almost impossible to resist to the charms of brave, good natured, strong and selfless super heroes. Most girls have once dreamed about one day meeting a man similar to Clarke Kent, the Superman, and majority of boys have dreamed about becoming unstoppable heroes like Batman and Spiderman.

Even as we grow up, these characters leave a significant mark on our personalities and often retain a special place in our hearts. The new Batman trilogy, X-Man, The Avengers, Superman, Captain America and similar movies are visited equally by kids, teenagers and their parents. Even if the latter often choose to pretend that they are only accompanying their children, we know that for most of them this is just an excuse. Animated series, comic books, video games and television shows featuring super hero characters are just as popular as these Hollywood films and this is why we believe that this super hero name generator is something that will be appreciated by thousands of people.

Maybe you are an author, screenwriter or animator struggling to come up with a suitable name for one of your characters? If this is the case, today is your lucky day. The system you have just found will provide you with thousands of options, thus no matter what the superpowers and other qualities of your character are, you will be able to find something that suits him just perfectly. As we have already mentioned, this super hero name generator could also come in handy for the fans of role playing games who find it (almost) impossible to come up with a suitable and original names for their “gifted” characters.

While working on the database this system employs, we have drawn inspiration from the most popular comic books (their characters) that have ever been created. Thus most of the names you are going to be suggested with will be relatively short and powerful, just like the names of the super heroes we have grown up with: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Spawn, Punisher, etc. You will see it by yourself as soon as you start using this super hero name generator. And how are supposed to do it? Just slide down the window until you see the button that reads “Generate Super Hero Names” and click it! Pretty easy, isn’t it? Well good luck looking!

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