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Thank you for choosing our store name generator! So you are about to open your private store, aren’t you? If this is the case, this must be a busy and pretty stressful time for you… There is variety of jobs to do and the deadlines hanging over your head as some sort of guillotine does not make things easier. We hope that this store name generator will help you cope with at least one of your tasks: it will help you find the name that suits your business. Although people who have never tried to come up with the name for the particular store or shop tend to think that this is a five-minute job, this is far from truth. When making the final choice, you must take into account variety of aspects. Ideally, the name should be positive, relevant, reasonably short, memorable, distinguishable from the competing names, not too generic and associated with the domain name that is currently available. Some of these aspects should be discussed in greater detail, but we will get to that later.

So how do you use this store name generator? As you will see, this is extremely easy. Just click the button right below this text and the system will provide you with an original suggestion. Now as we don’t have all the relevant information that would allow as suggesting a name that would be perfect for your store in particular, you might have to make some adjustments. For example, you could make the name more relevant by adding certain words that describes the type of products you are going to offer. However, while making such improvements you should not forget one aspect that has already been mentioned. That is, a good store name has to be reasonably short. Don’t make it look like a full sentence, don’t start writing poems… The sign with a long name won’t look good above the door. Plus, it will be hard to remember.
Now if you slide down the window, you will notice that this store name generator also has two “supporting” lists: one titled “Store Names Generated” and the other “Favorite Names”. All you have to do to transfer a particular suggestion from one section to another is click on it. Now don’t worry if the list of your favorite names starts looking a bit “crowded”. That’s how it is supposed to be. You will narrow it down later!

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