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Welcome to our ship name generator! As you already know, there is a long lasting tradition to name boats and ships… Some historians believe it is at least 2000 years old. But how did it all start? As most of the traditions that have lived to this day this one has its roots in religious believes. Naming and the following ceremonies was claimed to bring a blessing, to keep it away from storms and lead it through the hostile oceans and seas in safety. The exact ceremonies and rituals associated with naming and launching of the ship differ, and so do the names given. This is why in this ship name generator we have decided to include the names of different origins and styles.

If you want to fallow the ancient traditions, you should pick an old female name. There are some of them included in this system, but if you are sure you don’t want to try anything more modern, you could also use the female name generator to find the name for your metal swan. Now if you are the kind of person that lives in a day and actually admires the spirit of 21th century, names like Elizabeth or Victorian are not likely to impress you. Of course, this still might be a viable option if you want to name the ship after yourself or your dear one, but in other case you should look for the name that is more generic and original. In fact, recently it has been getting more and more popular to give ships and boats noncommittal names that can be associated with water and relaxation, such as Evening Breeze, Gray Mist, Wind Rider, etc. Suggestions of this type have been included into this ship name generator.

The system you have just found could also be useful for gamers and fantasy writers who just need names for their fantasy ships and boats. We have the widest range of names that will suit both pirate and the royal war ships. Just listen: Calypso’s Rider, The Night Scream, The Cursed Lightening, The Jewel of the East, The Ellinore, The Jupiter, Implacable, The Salamine… Don’t you think these names sound admirable?

To start using this ship name generator, simply click the button you see right below this text. As soon as you do that, a new suggestion will appear right in front of you. We hope you will find this system useful!

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