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Thank you for choosing our rock band name generator! Somebody once said that naming the band is an art of its own and it does not correlate with the ability to create music. Some talented musicians have chosen really miserable names for their groups. There are also some bands with perfectly chosen, catchy and original names, but they still make you wish you were deaf (whenever I stumble on such example I can’t help but feel sorry that such an amazing name is going for waste…). If you lack the first of these talents (can’t create music), you should just consider choosing another career. However, being miserable at naming is not so much of a problem. We are pretty sure that with the help of this rock band name generator and some tips, you and your group-mates will manage to find something appropriate.

So before we go any further, here is somewhat of a disclaimer. This rock band name generator was not made to provide you with an exact name you should use. Of course, it remains likely that at least one out of thousands of suggestions it can generate would be fairly suitable for your band. However, our advice would be for you to use this system as a source of inspiration to come up with something of your own; to improve our suggestions in such a way that it would suit the peculiarities of your music and image.

While developing this rock band name generator we have used some external sources of inspiration too. To be more particular, we have looked through the greatest names that have been adopted by existing or disbanded rock bands. To mention just a few of them: Eight Bold Souls, Love and Rockets, Tears for Fears, Animal Logic, Marry Ann and the Professors, Santa’s Libido, Spin Doctors, Big in Japan, Canceled, The Sinister Ducks… We have also drawn inspiration from the greatest band names lists developed by various bloggers. The “pearls” we have found on their websites definitely include JFKFC, Prophaghandi, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Average White Band, Southern Culture on the Skids, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and my personal favorite- Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

But enough of talking! Go ahead and start using this rock band name generator! All you have to do to get an original suggestion is click the button you see right below this text…

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