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Thank you for choosing our random fantasy name generator! From the first sight it might seem that coming up with fantasy name should be extremely easy. The word “random” suggests that it is enough to smash together some consonants and vowels, add an appropriate ending and the job will be done. However, in reality coming up with a cool fantasy name is not that easy (and this is why we believe there are thousands of people who might find this random fantasy name generator really useful). As for one reason, if you are playing some popular massively multiplayer online games (commonly known as MMOs) the range of options shrinks due to the fact that majority of well known melodic names are already in use. Anyway, if you are reading this text you already know that coming up with a cool fantasy name for your character is not easy for this reason or another, so let’s get straight to the point.
In order to get a new suggestion you will have to click the button that reads “Generate Random Fantasy Name”, which can be found right below this text. We won’t ask you to register, to get an account, to pay any fees or fill in any spaces. Yes, this is an appropriate time for the sight of relief, as most of the websites that offer similar systems are actually very formalized, inconvenient and requires you to sacrifice more time than is actually necessary. This is not the only advantage of this random fantasy name generator. It also offers the way to make tracking and comparison of names easier, as well as the chance to edit and improve randomly generated suggestions. If you are not new on this website and already know how to utilize the additional features of this system, you can go ahead and start using it right away. Here come the instructions for those who have just found this webpage a couple of minutes ago…
As you see the suggestion that seems worth attention, slide down the window to find two separate spaces: “Random Fantasy Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”. If you do it right away, the name that has earned your interest will be right at the top of the first section. Click on it and it will be immediately added to your favorites. Now that the name is transferred to the section “Favorite Names” you can edit it and make any improvements you can think of. That’s it! have fun using our random fantasy name generator!

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