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Thank you for choosing our random band name generator! If you are starting a band, you have probably already heard variety of advices from your friends and some fellow musicians… Whether you ask for tips or not, some people just think they have a duty to express their “invaluable” opinion. Now among all those advisors and consultants you have talked with must have been some who claimed that coming up with the name for your band should be the least important of your worries: “it is all about having fun, enjoying music, having the time of your life… The name will just come naturally… It is never too late to pick the name or to change it…”. We could not agree more with the claim that music has to be the source of pleasure for you and your band. If you do not enjoy your music, nobody else will. But regarding the band name as some sort of “technical detail”, something you can pick and replace at any time is not only irresponsible, but also naïve.
Just think about it. How many young and hopeful musicians there are in your town, in your country, in the world? And how many of them are actually going to succeed? Yes, the competition is pretty tuff and as you know, most people who have dreamed about starting world-famous bands end up working eight hours per day, five days per week in some narrow office…. Surely, we are not claiming that the success of the group depends solely on its name. Talent, inspiration, hard work, dedication for your goal- all of these things matter. But the cool name can give you a considerable advantage and this is the reason we have decided to develop a random band name generator.
The random band name generator you have just found contains thousands of different suggestions, so no matter how picky you are it is unlikely that you will leave empty handed. And even if you don’t find the name that seems perfect for your group, our suggestions will serve as a source of inspiration and help you come up with some cool ideas of your own. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using our random band name generator! Feel free to make any improvements you can think of, but keep in mind that a good name has to be relatively short. Good luck in your future career!

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