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A good project name generator is a rather rare thing on the internet, so you are quite lucky you have found this one. Not to brag, but what we have created here is pretty unique: the system we have developed can generate thousands of different name combinations of all types and styles. They are catchy and original, so you and your colleagues won’t have trouble memorizing them.
Now we know that there must be at least a few of our readers who have opened this project name generator out of pure curiosity, not even knowing why anybody would need such system. Here is an explanation for them: in the modern business, where people often have to work with a several projects at the same time, where the tasks they are dealing with are changing pretty fast, it is hard to memorize the official names, which are often long and clunky. This is why in many firms it has become a tradition to come up with the short and simple “code names” that the team could use within its own circle.
Surely, you don’t have to be some serious businessman to find this project name generator useful. Maybe you and your friends are working on some project at school, or doing something on your leisure time? If this is the case, you could totally use a catchy, funny and original code name. Not only it could add some laughs to your working day, it could also help to gain some interest and publicity.
If you and your team are working on a series of projects and this is only one of them, it might be a good idea to come up with some general theme for the names. For example, all of the names could be related to animals, music genres, colors, movies, etc. You will get some ideas of your own, after you look through our suggestions.
Now how do you start looking? Simply click the button that reads “Generate Project Names”. It is right here, below this text… You don’t like the suggestion? Not to worry, just keep clicking and something better will come along. To make tracking of the best names easier, you might want to add them to your favorites list. The names in this section can be edited, so you can make any improvements you find necessary or even add some notes. We hope you will find this project name generator useful!

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