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Thank you for choosing our planet name generator! The system you have just found was developed for all sorts of people who love to indulge in fantasy video games, writing and other types of creative activities. It contains hundreds of different names, thus no matter what are your requirements you will be able to find a name that meets all of them.
Maybe the reason you landed on this website is that you are playing some video game which requires you to fill in the name of fantasy planet? Or maybe you are writing some sort of fantasy novel? Perhaps writing a story that takes place in some distant world light-years from Earth is part of your school assignment? Whichever is the case we are absolutely sure that this planet name generator will make your life a little bit easier. Some of the names that have been included into our database sound very realistic, as if they were actually assigned by the scientists to the planets revolving somewhere in the universe. The others sound a little bit more as if they were taken from Star Wars movies. Part of the fictional planet names you will be presented with seem a little bit devilish, as if these planets were inhabited by some aggressive races that have aspirations to rule the entire universe. The others just give you an impression that the planet with such name must resemble heaven, be surrounded by rainbows 24/7 and inhabited by unicorns…
So as we said, the variety of names included in this planet name generator is pretty impressive. Oxoeswion, Soenuenus, Otrijon, Cuiwei, Ekerth, Paiavis, Egroth, Siaria, Abreshan, Cegawa, Rayama, Eshade, Suinope, Adrov, Xaprolla, Uscivea, Goaurilia, Cenope, Osmolla… These are just a few examples of powerful and melodic names we can offer. In fact, not only this system could help you name a certain fantasy planet, it could also inspire you to invent a new one! Just read one of the suggestions, close your eyes and see what comes into your mind: what breathtaking landscapes, what fascinating creatures…
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the button that reads “Generate Planet Names”. As soon as you do this, a new suggestion will appear in the middle of your screen. You can keep clicking as long as you want, we are pretty sure that you will fall asleep right on your keyboard before we run out of suggestions. Have fun using our planet name generator!

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