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Thank you for choosing our pen name generator! If you are reading this article, you have probably already tried to come up with a cool pen name all by yourself and realized this is way harder than you have expected… For the “outsider”, the person who has never tried to deal with this task, it might seem a little strange. How come the person who has enough creativity for writing, for plucking the stories, most unexpected narratives out of the fin air, lacks imagination to come up with the pen name? The truth is, those are two completely different things… You can be able to come up with the most fascinating story in less than five minutes and feel completely helpless when faced with the task to pick a pseudonym. To make your life easier, at least in this one respect, we have developed this pen name generator. Thousands of suggestions are now at your fingertips, so you won’t be disappointed.
Now before you start looking, here are a couple of tips. First of all, answer yourself a several questions. Do you need a temporary pen name for one (or maybe a couple) of articles or would you like the pseudonym that would be a permanent thing? If you are not yet at the point in your life where you would need a stable pen name, if you do not see yourself as an author in the longer perspective or if you already have the permanent pseudonym and now need something to sign “this one text”, there is no need to waste too much time for this decision. Just click the button that reads “Generate Pen Names” (you should see it right below this text) and if you like what you see- grab it! The second question you should answer before starting to use this pen name generator is… What kind of texts/literature are you going to write? Are you a romantic poet, witty and satiric blogger, philosophic novelist or fantasy writer? This is important, because the fine pseudonym has to reflect your style and personality… However, if you don’t want to define yourself as a writer yet, you can choose the name that is rather generic and concomitant.
Here is one more thing you should know: you can sort out the best suggestions by sending them to your favorites list with a simple click! Have fun using this pen name generator!

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