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Thank you for choosing our orc name generator! Needless to say, orcs are far from the cutest creatures featuring in the fantasy books, movies and video games. Since the day this race was invented by the celebrated author R. R. Tolkien, its popular image has not changed significantly. These creatures are still portrayed as repugnant, green or pale skinned, repulsive, brutish and aggressive; feared, hated or exploited by other races and characters. Although orcs could not be described as adorable, they are among the most memorable characters in variety of modern books, movies and video games.
The orc name generator you have just found could come in handy in variety of cases. Maybe you are the fan of R.R. Tolkien and love writing stories that take place in the Middle-earth? Or maybe you would like to try your hand at writing a script for the next Lord of the Rings movie? In both of these cases, this orc name generator is exactly what you need. It contains thousand of different names that will suit both male and female orcs, so you won’t have to waste your own time trying to come up with names for this type of characters.
And even more importantly, this orc name generator is a perfect tool for those who have sworn eternal love for World of Warcraft or Skyrim, but have trouble coming up with convincing names for their orc characters. Quamaugh, Orgug, Igubat, Wurmha, Torgan, Sulmthu, Umhra, Slapdud, Magub, Duiltag, Xug, Hig, Xago, Pomgulg, Zulgha, Vitgut, Vambag, Vagrundgag… These are just a few examples of orc names that fit the atmosphere of The Elder Scrolls and WoW. We also have some female orc names that are just as dreadful. Just try reading it out loud: Murzush, Urzhod, Homraz, Ghak, Lash, Burub, Orbul, Shelur, Bulfim, Lambug… Can’t you already imagine the cold-blooded, pig-faced creatures these names could belong to?
Now here come the instructions on how this orc name generator is supposed to be used. First of all, click the button that reads “Generate Orc Names”. Second, slide down the window until you see two separate lists. The first of them will contain all the names that have been generated up to that point. Do you see any names that deserve your particular attention? If the answer is “yes”, click on each of them so they would be transferred into your favorites list. We hope you will find this orc name generator really useful!

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