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Thank you for choosing this Norse name generator! As a person from totally different culture I find it impossible to come up with a realistic Nordic (or Norse) name all by myself. And I know that I am not the only one who has this difficulty. Sure, there are plenty of websites that claim to offer a solution for this problem. However, each of them (or at least the ones I have found) has some serious drawbacks. They offer very few names and/or require the users to fill in variety of spaces, to provide information is not event relevant to the purpose and/or work rather slowly. This is why I decided it is worth to sacrifice some time and to develop a Norse name generator that would not have any of these cons. Now you are looking at the results of my work!

The system I have created could be useful in several cases. First of all, it could come in handy for gamers who have trouble coming up with names for their characters. Maybe you are playing Final Fantasy, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Dungeons and Dragons, Age of Empires Online or same similar game? If the answer is positive, this Norse name generator is exactly what you need. No matter what are the specific qualities of the Nordic character you have chosen, the impressive variety of suggestions will allow you to pick the name that suits him/her just perfectly.

Now although we know that majority of our visitors are gamers and do not have to trouble their heads thinking how to name their kids yet, the system you have just found could also help you find an original and powerful name for the baby. Of course, not all of the names that can be generated by this website are equally suitable for kids. But just look at those: Alva (meaning: female elf), Astrid (divine beauty), Bjorn (bear), Calder (harsh and cold waters), Destin (determined), Frey (lord), Haldor (the rock of Thor), Osmond (divine protection), Thora (like a thunder), Thurman (protection of Thor)… Don’t you think these names sound pretty amazing? Plus, they would definitely allow the child to stand out of the crowd.

But enough of talking… Go ahead and check out this Norse name generator! All you have to do to get a suggestion is click the button you see right below this text. We hope you won’t be disappointed!

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