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Thank you for choosing this Nordic name generator! For many years Norse mythology has fascinated the imagination of both locals and foreigners. Slowly, Nordic gods and goddesses were taken from the brutish, humpbacked mountains and valleys of Northern European countries and imported into the products of popular culture, books, movies, television series and video games. Along with the spread of Nordic mythology, the other aspects of this spectacular culture have become known in the whole wide world too. What are we trying to say is that in the modern day, it is not only Swedes, Norwegians, Icelanders, Finnish and the Danish that use Nordic names daily and it is not only them who might find this Nordic name generator useful.

The system we have developed could come in handy for the widest range of people and first of all, for gamers. As you might already know, Nord is one of the playable races in one of the most popular game series ever, namely- The Elder Scrolls. And before the players can dive into the magical universe of the game, they must come up with the names for their characters. Unfortunately, this task is not as easy and not as pleasant as playing itself. In fact, coming up with an original and melodic Nordic name that would suit the character and fit into the fascinating universe of the Elder Scrolls requires huge time investments.

The good news is that whoever finds this Nordic name generator can forget about this annoying job forever. This system contains thousands of cool names that suit the Nord race, thus the only thing you will still have to think about is which of them sounds (or suit the particular character) best. Vamod, Bjartman, haki, Hergeit, Thorir, Balder, Ingimund, Kiotvi- these are just a several examples of powerful and memorable names this system can come up with. You need a female name? Thousands of options are now at your fingertips too! What about the names Malin, Haldis, Frida, Saehildr, Bergitta, Dagmar, Hroony, Ketirior, Asgeror, Veny? Don’t you think they sound simply amazing?

You want to see more names? Then just go ahead and click the button that reads “Generate Nordic Names” (you will see it right below this text). As soon as you do this, one new suggestion will appear right in front of you. We hope you will find this Nordic name generator useful and remember this website the next time you need some original ideas for names!

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