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Yes, we know- coming up with a realistic ninja name all buy yourself is not something you could do in a minute… There would be plenty of staring at one point, blinking and pulling off hair, before something good would pop into your head. If we did not know it is a hard task, we would not have developed this ninja name generator. The system you have found contains thousands of original and realistic ninja names. All you will have to do is give it a several minutes to look through some of them and then pick the best suggestion.
Now if you landed on this ninja name generator, you probably already have some ideas as to where the ninja name could be used. But here are some suggestions for those who opened this website out of pure curiosity, just wanting to find out what the ninja name sounds like. Back in the 14th or even 12th century Japan, ninjas served for Emperors as covert agents specializing in espionage, sabotage, assassination, covert warfare, infiltration and other dirty businesses. But as for today, ninjas belong to the realm of imagination and fantasy. They feature in variety of movies and television series, such as Ninja Warrior, The Last Samurai, You Only Live Twice and Ninja Assassin. Maybe you love this kind of action films and have a talent for writing? Then why don’t you try to put up a screenplay? This ninja name generator will provide you with names, all you will have to do is come up with a storyline. Ok, let’s not pretend this is something everybody could do… But if you have a good imagination, you should give yourself a chance!
The second way to use this ninja name generator is pretty much obvious… Yes, it is a great tool to help you come up with the name for a role playing game character. Is this what you are looking for? Then go ahead and click the button that reads “Generate Ninja Names”. Now even if the first suggestion you see seems pretty awesome, don’t just grab it and run away! Something even better might come along… Just slide down the window until you see the list titled “Ninja Names Generated”, find the name that has coughed your attention and click on it. This way it will be transferred into the section “Favorite Names” and you can continue looking without any fear that it will slip out of your head. Have fun using this ninja name generator!

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