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Thank you for choosing our name anagram generator! So anagram is the type of wordplay that results from rearrangement of letters in an original name, phrase or word. The reason we are saying this is not that we believe you are some uneducated fool… We are pretty sure that most of our visitors are familiar with the meaning of the word anagram. However, various dictionaries provide different definitions and this could lead to some misunderstandings that we don’t need.

If you have followed the link to this website, you would probably agree that anagram names are pretty charming. It is also hard to argue with the claim that one has to have some special talent and/or skill to come up with a cool anagram name. In fact, there are people who continue learning this art for years. This is not to say that in order to master this wordplay you must receive some sort of special education… It is just that this task is pretty difficult and if you have not done it before it might require quite a lot of time. And if you don’t feel like spending half an hour arranging and rearranging letters, it is better to use this name anagram generator.

In a minute we are going to provide you with brief instructions on how to use this name anagram generator. But before that we thought you might be interested to find out what are the possible name anagrams of some of the celebrities. Michael Jackson (r.i.p., King of Pop)- Acclaim Ken Josh, Jackal Mice Nosh, Machine Las Jock, hackle jam Coins; Lady Gaga (the pop singer that is the known not only for her music, but also for the extravagant clothes)- Ad Gag Lay, Justin Bieber (the phenomenon that is getting harder and harder to explain)- Jibe Tribunes, Bribe Its June, Bier Jib Tunes, Busier Nib Jet; Will Smith (a.k.a. the ultimate man in black)- Whilst Mil, Whit Mills, Whim Still; Katy Perry (the one who kissed a girl and liked it)- Arty Perky, Yak Rep Try; Marilyn Manson- Lamina Mr. Sonny, Layman Sin Morn, Lain Many Morns, Imams Ran Nylon… Surely, some of these anagrams does not make much sense, but that does not make them any less funny.
So how do you use this anagram name generator? There is nothing simpler… Just click the button right below this text and the new suggestion will pop out!

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