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Thank you for choosing our monster name generator! It is not that easy to explain what is so awesome about monster characters. After all, they are the ones to blame that back in the childhood we were afraid to sleep alone in the room and begged our parent to sit on the side of our beds until the dream carries us away. (That reminds me of the saying that is supposed to be addressed to the person who disappointed you: “monster under my bed is a better friend than you are”… It still brightens my mood every time I remember it). In fact, monster characters are partially guilty for some of us still not feeling comfortable in the dark. But despite all this, we believe that working on this monster name generator was not a waste of time. Why?

Let’s be fair… Even if after watching a monster movie, reading a book featuring vivid monster characters or playing a video game of the similar genre we feel an urge to check whether no dangerous creatures are hiding under our beds and have trouble falling asleep at night, we still enjoy getting those habdabs and feeling the blood curdling in our veins… And this is no secret to the people working in the entertainment business. This is why tens of new movies, television series, books, comic books and videogames featuring monstrous creatures reach the market every year.

But in order to create a really convincing and blood curdling monster character one also has to come up with a powerful name. You might think that the person who manages to write the whole screenplay or book should also have enough imagination to come up with a right name, but this is not exactly true. Naming is an art all of its own and it does not necessarily correlate with an ability to write.

Thus, to help all the artists who struggle with this task, we have developed an advanced monster name generator which can help to name all sorts of terrifying creatures. In addition, we hope that this system will come in handy for gamers and give some fun for the fans of monster movies. So how do you use it? Just click the button that reads “Generate Monster Names”, quickly count to three and the suggestion will pop out right in front of you. Good luck using this monster name generator and come back the next time you need some awesome ideas for names!

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