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Thank you for choosing this middle name generator! So as you might know, in Canada and the United States “middle name” refers to the name between first given name and the surname. In most of the other English speaking countries the same thing is usually called “second name” (third name, etc.). Again, there are some differences between the United States and the rest of English speaking countries in respect to how these middle names are reflected in signatures. In USA the middle name is usually abbreviated to middle initial (for example, Johann Sebastian Bach would become Johann S. Bach), while in the rest of the world it is more accepted to use the full form. Plus, in the United States middle name is usually skipped when referring to the person on daily bases.

Although nobody can tell when exactly English speaking nations started using middle names, it is clear that at least among the nobilities this tradition has already existed in the 17th century. After hundreds of years, second names are still common in variety of countries and this is why we believe that this middle name generator will come in handy for thousands of people (especially having in mind that it is free and extremely convenient to use).

So what kind of name should you look for, among all the options provided by this middle name generator? For the one you like… Just kidding, although this advice is good in principal, it is way too obvious to be helpful. What we suggest is that while looking for the middle name you should not forget the first name and the last name even for one minute. Your eye might stumble on some silver name that is also original, powerful and meaningful, but it will be of no worth for you if it does not go with the first given name and family name. You must keep in mind that those three have to constitute a coherent entirety. Otherwise the second name will be like a third wheel to the name…

Now how do you use this middle name generator? As we have already mentioned, it is very easy. The first suggestion should be already waiting for you right below this text. And if you want to get a new one, all you have to do is click the button that reads “Generate Middle Names”. We hope you will find exactly what you need and remember this website when you need some more ideas for names!

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