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Thank you for choosing our metal band name generator! So if you have any clue how the music industry works, you already know that finding the right name is extremely important for the future success of every music group. As for one reason, your (potential) listeners will base their first judgment on the name and if it is boring, lame or just does not make any sense whatsoever, it might be enough to ruin your chances of ever getting famous.
Of course, you and your band-mates are the only ones who can make the final choice, as nobody else knows the specifics of your group and tracks as well as you do. But we will do the best we can to help you make the best choice possible. To be more concrete, we will provide you with some useful tips and explain how to make the best use of this metal band name generator.
So what are the basic rules that should guide your choice? The real metal-head should probably say something like “there are no rules” or “rules and laws are made to be broken”… However, you are not here for the high-sounding banal phrases. The truth is, there are certain tips you should probably follow for your own good. First of all, keep in mind that a good name should be relatively short, so it would be easy to remember and chant. Examples of the short and catchy names you will find with the help of this metal band name generator are Summertime Suicide, Betrayal Sphere, Persecutorama, Carnal Spell and so on.
Second, keep in mind that although a good metal band name has to be badass, it should not be too obscene and nasty. This is not the same as to say “you might want to watch your tongue, fellows”, we do not intend to preach. We just don’t think you would want your band’s name to be censored and pushed out of the public sphere. And although there are some radio stations that are extremely “liberal” (to say the least), the others still prohibit the use of certain words and Catholic references that are portrayed in negative light.
Having this said, we won’t waste your time any longer. Go ahead and start using our metal band name generator! You will see the generating button right below this text. Good luck looking and don’t forget this website the next time you need some good ideas for names!

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