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Thank you for choosing this medieval name generator! In modern days, or maybe even since the ages of enlightenment, medieval period was often regarded with some sort of despise and even dubbed Dark Ages. Surely, those days were marked by great suspicion, prejudice and illiteracy. Science did not play a significant role in most societies and deaf dogmas often won over reason and sound arguments. However, if you landed on this medieval name generator you would probably agree that there was something fascinating about those ages that have long sank into the past. Some sort of dignity with which people have met their burdens and problems; mystery which they saw in everyday life; honor, which was considered more precious than life itself, extraordinary bravery which was enough to turn a man into an everlasting legend…

As you might already know, medieval ages have gifted humanity variety of extraordinary people. Some of them have left us invaluable works of art, some of them have contributed to the development of science and opened our horizons, the others changed the flow of history and so on… Probably the most famous of those great people are Marco Polo, Caedmon, venerable Bede, Coverdale, King Louis IX of France, Blondel the Minstrel, Dante, Petrarch, Saladin, Geoffrey Chaucer, Kublai Khan, Thomas Becket, Frederick Barbarossa, Jonathan Guttenberg, Jack Cade, Martin Luther, Boccaccio, William Wallace, Roger Bacon and El Cid. While developing this system we have drawn inspiration from their names, as well as from other historical and literature texts.

But where could this medieval name generator could be used? In fact, we believe that it could be helpful in variety of cases. First of all, this system will come in handy for authors who are currently working on stories that take place in medieval ages and have trouble finding powerful and memorable names that were typical for that period. Second, it could help guys and girls who are playing medieval-themed role playing games and have trouble coming up with names for their brave characters. Alan Metcalfe, Tomas Mallowburne, Arnald Latham, Hellen Goldwell, Ellen Ardene, Hugh Malyns, Lawrence Rudhale, Gilda Seymour, Thomas Cassy, Andrew Adamosn- these are just a few examples of old and beautiful names they could take.

But enough of talking- this medieval name generator does not need advertising. So why don’t you just go ahead and start looking for the name you need, by clicking the button below this text? Good luck!

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