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Thank you for choosing this mage name generator! So if you are reading this text, there is no need to tell you what an annoying and difficult task thinking up fantasy names actually is. It could be especially tricky if the character you must name is not just a typical mage, but stands out of the crowd due to his colorful personality, especial skills or great ambitions. To make sure you won’t have to spend half a day sitting in the cold light of your computer screen, trying to think of something suitable, we have developed an advanced mage name generator. Not only it is capable of generating thousands of different name combinations, it is also extremely convenient to use. But let’s talk about each of these aspects separately.

So what exactly are you looking for? So you need a name for your screenplay/book/video game character? Maybe you have dreamed about becoming a magician since you were a child and now decided to pursue your goal for real? If this is the case, this mage name generator will definitely help you find a fascinating and memorable stage name. This system could also come in handy for those who simply admire the world of magic and think about using mage name as their login names, nicknames, etc.

As we have already mentioned, one of the greatest things about this generator is that its suggestions are not too similar to each other. If you do a little research, you will notice that most of the similar systems you could find on the internet actually have this drawback: they suggest hundreds of names, but it is almost impossible to tell and point out what is the actual difference among them. Well yes, the sound varies (more or less), but stylistically they are all the same.

Meanwhile this particular generator will present you with at least three broad types of names. Some of them will be rather traditional (like Christian Bleakwalker, Aticul Coalrider, Silvanus Trueair, Lloyd Froststryke, Manus Lifeborne, Kazinimr Hellbringer,Chronus Blazerain, etc), while the others will deserve to be called cool (for example, Magnus the Versed, Johann the Hypnitic, Ranulf the Exalted, Thierry the Grotesque, Johannes the Grand, Amicus the Gray). The third category of names provided by this mage name generator will sound rather funny: Ignatio Ironfork, Maurice Baldback, Earnest Tightgills, Titanus Eagletooth, Persy Bigstock, Simon Hissykick and so on… We hope you will have fun using this system!

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