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Thank you for choosing this LOTR name generator! Now to avoid any misunderstandings, let us tell you what (in the context of this article) stands behind these letters: LOTR is an abbreviation for Lord of the Rings… Yes, we know that for most of you this is not some sort of shocking, “mind blowing” information, but still. You would be surprised to learn how many people are actually unfamiliar with the facts that seem like a “common knowledge” to you. We assumed that at least some of you might have landed on this website.

So having this said, let us give you an answer to another, more important question: what this LOTR name generator is actually for? First of all, we have developed this system to help the gamers who love RPG taking them to the Middle-earth, or simply draw inspiration from the legendary writings by J. R.R. Tolkien. You would probably say that coming up with a convincing and original name for a hobbit, elf, dwarf or orc is an extremely difficult and time consuming task. But this is only true if you are trying to deal with it all alone Meanwhile with this LOTR name generator you will be able to find a suitable name in not time. That’s because the system will do the hard part (come up with the names) for you and all you will have to do is lay back and pick the one you like most.

Now probably the greatest benefit of this LOTR name generator (as compared to the similar systems offered online) is that it can actually provide you with names that will suit all (or nearly all) the races. We have even included some names that will suit Ainur (Holy Ones, the first and mightiest of all beings, created by Eru Illuvatar in the beginning of time- Manwe, Ulmo, Aule, Orome, Tulkas, Varda, Irmo, Yavanna, Melkor, Nessa, etc), although they are not among the playable characters in most video games. We just though these names could come in handy for some of the novelists and screenwriters…

So don’t be shy, go ahead and check out this LOTR name generator! We won’t ask you for any fees or personal information. All you will have to do is keep clicking the generating button right below this text… We hope you will have fun using this system and remember our website the next time you need some original ideas!

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