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Thank you for choosing our Lord of the Rings name generator! So if you landed on this website, you probably belong to the wide fandom of LOTR books, movies and games.
Although the number of people who love Lord of the Rings is impressive, we could not say it is surprising. Everyone who have read the original story written by R. R. Tolkien or seen the film trilogy (which has become an instant legend and earned more money than the cast, director and producers could have dreamed) would agree that there is something special about Lord of the Rings. Even people who do not normally enjoy fantasy stories, who get frustrated every time the laws of nature do not work the way they should and prefer things staying lifelike, enjoyed these particular books and movies. Somebody could write a separate book with an aim to provide the sufficient answer to the question “why?”, but I think we would all agree that the richness of the story (it is not just about the travel to Mordor, but also to the deepest corners of human spirit) and the amazing sceneries (both as described by R.R. Tolkien and portrayed by film makers) played a significant role in turning Lord of the Rings into the real legend.
Although it is hard to stop praising this masterpiece once you start, we should get to the point and explain you how this Lord of the Rings name generator works and what it is capable of. Using this system is as easy as it ever gets. All you have to do to get a new suggestion is click the button you see right below this text. Below in this window there are also two separate lists that will make your choice easier: the first of them will remind you all the names that have been generated previously, while the second will allow you to sort out the best suggestions (“Favorite Names” list).
The Lord of the Rings name generator we have developed will provide you with names that are suitable for variety of races that inhabit the Middle-Earth. The suggestions will help you pick a name suitable for your elf, orc, human and hobbit characters (some of the names are rather neutral and can be used for both genders, while the others are meant for male or female characters only). Now go ahead and have fun using this Lord of the Rings name generator!

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