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Thank you for choosing this leprechaun name generator! We know that at least some of our visitors open this page with no clear goals and without even knowing when/where in the world they could use a leprechaun name. In fact, we believe that the answer to this question is not exactly obvious for most of the population. If you are not some sort of fantasy writer looking for names for his magic characters and are not familiar with Irish traditions, you might think that this leprechaun name generator is absolutely useless. However, this is far from truth. In fact, we believe that the advanced system we have developed will come in handy for thousands of people. Are you wondering why?

First and most importantly: because once in a year there comes a day known as Saint Patrick’s Day. Do you know what one of the traditions associated with this celebration is? On Saint Patrick’s evening people forget their real first names and surnames and adopts leprechaun names, just to have some good laughs. O course, this is primarily an Irish tradition, but over the last decade it has actually spread to some other counties (why would not we take another opportunity to celebrate…). There is even a saying that on Saint Patrick’s Day everyone is a little bit Irish.

Before you go ahead and start using this leprechaun name generator we thought you might be interested to learn a little about this mythological creature. Although in the modern day the portrayal of leprechaun differs (just take a minute and compare the leprechaun from the famous horror movie of the same name and the green man, which is pictured on Lucky Charms cereal box), the image of leprechaun that flows from Irish folklore is actually pretty clear. These miniature creatures spend most of their lives making shoes and save their revenues in the form of golden coins, which they hide in pots at the end of the rainbows. Although they are not particularly friendly and good natured, there is at least one reason why most people have dreamed meeting a leprechaun. It was believed that if coughed, these creatures grand three wishes in exchange for their freedom.
Now enough of stories and fairytales go ahead and start using this leprechaun name generator! As you will see, it is extremely convenient: the new suggestion appears in front of you with every click of the button. Good luck looking!

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