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Thank you for choosing this knight name generator! As you might already know, in the medieval ages knights, elite warriors who have spent most of their lives preparing for the battle (usually the training started when the boy was eight and was not finished until he turned 21 and was conferred in a ceremony known as accolade), were decisive force in warfare. No matter how talented and inspiring was the man who led to the battle, no matter how sharp where the swords and spears used by both sides, the victory has largely depended on one factor: on the number of knights on the each sides of the battlefield. Although as the time passed it became a tradition that only the boys who were born for knight fathers could carry this title too, it was not inherited. Each man had to deserve it, to prove that he is worth being called a knight.

Although knight, as a profession or rank, no longer exists it is still idealized by thousands of people and this is one of the reasons we believe that developing this knight name generator was not a waste of time. Unless you have spent most of your life somewhere in the dungeons, you must have heard about at least few of the most prominent knights in history. And among them are King Arthur (as you might already know, this knight lived in the 5th-6th centuries and lead the Britons in their war against invaders from Saxony with his legendary sword Excalibur in his hands), Richard the Lionheart (the King of England who reigned in the 12th century and proved to be a great military leader), El Cid (the Spanish national hero), Alexander Nevsky (Grand Prince of Vladimire and Prince of Novogrod, arguably the most celebrated medieval Russian military leader who has earned an internal fame by defeating Swedes in 1240), Edward the Black prince (Prince of Wales), William Wallace, Henry “Hotspur” Percy, John Hawkwood, as well as William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke.

Whether you have heard any of these names before or not, we believe that this knight name generator will not disappoint you. It is capable of generating thousands of different name combinations, suitable for book and movie, as well as video game characters. You don’t believe me? Just click the button right below this text and you will see it by yourself! We hope you will have fun using this knight name generator!

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