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Welcome to our Khajiit name generator! We know that at least some people who are currently reading this text actually have no clue what Khajiit is… They probably followed this link out of pure curiosity, hoping to find out what kind of species this is. Thus in the following paragraph we are going to provide some basic information about these fascinating creatures. Those of you who already know what Khajiit is can use the chance to expend your knowledge or skip the following paragraph and go straight to the instructions on how to use this Khajiit name generator.

So Khajiit is one out of ten playable races on The Elder Scrolls. In this fascinating game series they feature alongside Altmer, Bostmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Argonian, Nord, Orc and Redguard characters. These catlike creatures dwell in the province known as Elsweyr and for the other races are best known as the producers of Moon Sugar. Although some of the other races look down on them, Khajiit have a rich history and even their own religion. They believe that their race was created by Azurah, the child of the original litter mates Ahnur and Fadomai. According to the legend, she was given the permission to take one of Nirni’s children and to reshape them the way she wants, so long as the being she created was the cleverest, the fastest and the most beautiful of all. So as you can see from this creation myth, Khajiit see themselves as superior to other creatures. However, there is no wide agreement on how accurate it actually is. Only one thing is clear: when Ayleid first explored Tamriel, Khajiit were already there.

Now that you know at least a little about this beast rice, it is time for us to tell you how this Khajiit name generator works. So in order to get a new suggestion you must click the button below this text. Every time you do this, a new name will appear right in front of you. As you might already know, in the Elder Scrolls games Khajiit names often resemble Indian and Arabic languages, thus while developing this system we made sure that the names it suggests would sound a little Arabic and Indian too. Joshtabe, Kesngil, Ja’Tabba Jarrabi, Motabe Hamnuhaan, Ainari, Nishi, Ahdrri Ziwadi, Nisila Sarraherin… These are just a few examples of powerful names you might be suggested. Have fun using this Khajiit name generator!

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