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Thank you for choosing this Japanese name generator! If you are not a native Japanese and do not speak this language, coming up with a cool and realistic name that would sound as if it was quite typical for this eastern country would probably be an impossible task for you. And even if you did manage to think of something that “sound Japanese enough”, I bet that you’d be disclosed by the first Japanese speaker who saw it. You must have seen some photos capturing the little disasters that happen when Japanese people try to translate their signs, banners and menus into English. Well, if you tried to come up with a “Japanese” name relying on your imagination only, the results might be quite similar. After all, the fact that a certain combination of letter does not mean anything in particular for you, does not mean it does not mean anything in another langue, which you are to imitate.

To save you some time and embarrassment, we have developed a Japanese name generator that contains thousands of different name combinations. All of them are provided in English letters, but we can assure you that these are exact translations of Japanese signs. Have you followed the link leading to this webpage out of pure curiosity, just to find out how typical Japanese name sound and have no idea where to use them yet? Here are several suggestions. First of all, this Japanese name generator could come in handy if you are into some sort of Japanese role playing game, that allows you (or should we say, tortures you by forcing you…) to choose the name for your character. If you grew up playing Naruto, like I did, I bet you still have a thing for Japanese role playing games…

Besides, the system you are about to try out could be a perfect tool for all the writers who are having difficulties trying to come up with memorable and powerful names for their Japanese characters. Yes, we know that western authors do not write books and screenplays that take us to Japan that often. But it looks like they do like to introduce some Eastern characters to make their stories a little bit more exotic. So, are you ready to start using this Japanese name generator? Then why don’t you go ahead and click the button below this text! Good look looking and don’t forget this website the next time you need some cool names!

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