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Thank you for choosing this hipster name generator! Today “Hipster”, the word that also describes a subculture that thrived in the 1960s, is not rare in our daily languages. We, as well as numerous celebrities and pop culture icons, use it while chatting with our friends, referring to ourselves or to other people, while complimenting or mocking others. It seems like everybody has an attitude towards hipsters, but does anybody actually know what this subculture is about? We believe that this is an answer we should look at before you start using this hipster name generator.
So the truth is, the subculture popularly known as Hipsters is pretty hard to describe. One quite influential (and at least in some respects correct) “definition” was provided by Douglas Haddow in his article “Hipster: The Dead End of Hipster Civilization”. According to him, this subculture can only be described as “mutating, trans-Atlantic melting pot of styles, tastes and behavior[s]”. It is actually so abstract we feel it would be inappropriate to use the word “definition” without inverted commas. Some might say that if anything it makes things more opaque, rather than explains anything. However, we believe that at the same time this laconic description, suggested by Haddow, catches the essence of hipster culture or at least get closer to it than any other definition has ever did.

Now of course, if nobody had a clearer idea what this subculture is actually about this hipster name generator would not be necessary. The subculture is actually widely and quite unanimously associated with alternative or independent music, artisanal or organic food, alternative lifestyles and varied, non-mainstream fashion sensibility. If you are dressed like a mannequin from some shop in the closest mall, don’t be surprised to receive some cynical looks from the real hipsters…

The natural distaste for everything that can be considered “mainstream” is typical for hipster and this holds truth whether we are talking about clothing fashion, music or names (although it is not that easy to say what and why actually qualifies as mainstream, as many bands that are currently listed among the most popular in the world are still admired by people who consider themselves part of this subculture).Thus in this hipster name generator we have only included the names that are not quite common yet. Some of them are old and forgotten names with clear meanings and origins, the others were made up just recently. Good luck looking!

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