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Thank you for choosing our Hawaiian name generator! The system we have developed could come in handy for both native Hawaiians and foreigners who simply admire the culture of these islands. Although in the United States Hawaiian names are still pretty rare, there are more and more parents giving their kids names that have their origins in foreign, exotic countries and cultures. If you asked for our opinion, this is actually a great way to make sure that your child will have an exceptional, melodic name that will make him stand out of the crowd of Emilies, Davids and Michaels.
Now before you start using this Hawaiian name generator, you might be interested to learn a little about the relevant naming traditions. In traditional Hawaiian families the name that the newborn will carry for the rest of his life is chosen either by his parents or by family elder, also known as kapuna. It is typically chosen based on one of the following things: the dream that visited the decision maker at night, the vision or mystical sign he/she has received or the personal traits of the baby. The particular name can also be handed down by the ancestor or given to commemorate a certain person or event.
You should also know that all of the traditional Hawaiian names have their meanings. For example, Lana (the name used as pseudonym by the famous singer Lana Del Ray), means calm as still waters, Aikane- friend, Leialoha- beloved child, Aolani- the heavenly cloud, Eleu- alert, lively, Maka- favorite one, Ikaika- strong, powerful, Malie- calm, Ka Nui- the greatest one, Nahoa- defiant, bold, Kalea- bright, Kanunu- the strong one, Okalani- from heaven, Laka- gentle, time. Now although this Hawaiian name generator won’t provide you with the name meanings, you should not have any trouble finding them on the other websites. The first thing you should do is choose the names that are pleasant for your ear. If you don’t like the sound of the name, its meaning remains irrelevant.
So what do you do to start looking? Just click the button that reads “Generate Hawaiian Names”. Below in the same window you will also find two different lists, one titled “Hawaiian Names Generated” and the other “Favorite Names”, that will help you sort out the best suggestions. We hope you will find this Hawaiian name generator really useful! By the way, do not forget to take a copy of your favorite names list before leaving this website.

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