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Thank you for choosing this hacker name generator! Before we go any further, we think you should learn (or be reminded) about the deference between so called black hat hackers and white hat hackers. The first of these groups is benevolent and uses its knowledge in illegal ways to increase personal financial situation, influence, just to cause some harm for other entities (individuals, companies, various types of government and non-government organizations) or to achieve all of these goals simultaneously. We should state right now that this hacker name generator was not developed to encourage such criminal behavior. If anything, we are strongly against it and support the institutions fighting against black hat hackers. Meanwhile white hat hackers constitute the group that we actually respect. These are people who use their expertise to improve internet security or just enjoy fiddling around with hardware gigs and software source code.

Among the most notorious black hat hackers are definitely Kevin Pouslen (a.k.a. Dark Dante), Albert Gonzales, Vladimir Levin, Robert Tappan Morris, Michael Calce (a.k.a. MafiaBoy), David Smith, Adriano Lamo, George Hotz, Jonathan James (a.k.a. C0mrade) and Garry McKinnon (who, by the way, suffered from severe Asperger’s syndrome and later claimed that he has hacked United States Air Force, Army, Navy and NASA systems in search of information about UFOs). As you can see, not all of these black hat hackers even had nicknames, or they remained disclosed from the public. Among the most famous white hat hackers are definitely Mark Zuckeberg and Steve Jobs (R.I.P). For the sake of truth we should also note that these two groups are not that far apart and there is a significant fluctuation of people among them. For example, it is no secret that the establishers of Facebook and Apple were once black hat hackers. Meanwhile some of the black hat hackers we have mentioned above, such as Kevin Pouslen and Adriano Lamo, have later changed their ways and started using their knowledge to improve internet security.

But enough of interesting facts, go ahead and start using this hacker name generator! All you have to do to start looking is click the button right below this text. In the lower part of this page there are two additional lists that might make your choice easier, but we assume you will figure out how they work all by yourself. You are good with such stuff, aren’t you? So good luck using this hacker name generator and don’t forget this website the next time you need some sort of name!

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