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Thank you for choosing our funny team name generator! You know, there is a saying “don’t judge a book from its cover”. The same is probably true when we are talking about teams: no matter how lame their names are, you should never underestimate your competitor. This is what you should do, but as in most cases, following the rules is harder then quoting them… The truth is, when you hear about the team for the first time and its name is the only piece of information you poses, you have no other option but to base your fist judgment on it. And if the name is lame and boring, you simply assume that the team members do not belong to the most creative and original type of people too.
This is why we believe that coming up with the right name for your team is just as important part of preparation for competition as any. Surely, this is easier said than done. If you have already tried to come up with a team name all by yourself, you must have noticed that what come into your mind first are the names of existing teams. Thus to help people find some really original and cool names for their teams we have developed this funny team name generator. What makes us believe that the funny name is the best choice in most cases? The answer is really simple. Jokey, laughable names give the impression that the team members are chilled and have a good sense of humor. Admit it, these are the two personal qualities that most of us look for when meeting new people.
The Fabulous Ants, The Ambiguous Chickens, The narrow Minks, The Neighborly Dears, The Overt Spiders, The Second Squids, the Smooth Seastars, The Smoggy Camels, The Tremendous Raccoons, The Somber Rhinoceroses, The Bitter Humans, The idiotic Cobras… These are just a few examples of cool names this funny team name generator has to offer. As you can see, they are really generic, universal and can fit no matter if you are playing old good football, basketball or some sort of weird game we have never heard about.
So how do you use this system? This is as easy as it ever gets! Just click the button you see right below this text and the funny team name generator will provide you with one new suggestion. Good luck looking!

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