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Thank you for choosing our Final Fantasy name generator! Before we go any further, we thought you might want to learn some facts about this game. We do not doubt that you already know plenty about the narrative and characters of this game, but do you know anything about the development of these game series? Finally Fantasy, which is currently listed among the world’s bestselling video game franchises, was established by Hironobu Sakaguchi from Japan. As for the day, the company concentrates on sci-fi and fantasy role playing games, but it also makes considerable investments in motion pictures, anime series, printed media and merchandising. The first game from Final Fantasy series reached the stores in 1987. As it experienced a considerable commercial success and received rather positive critical reviews, the Final Fantasy II, III and etc. followed.

Having this said we can return to our main topic and start talking about this Final Fantasy name generator in particular. As you already know, in this role playing game you get the chance to choose your character and its name. You might also be aware of the fact that most gamers are not quite thankful for the later of these “chances”. It’s not that they are “ungrateful” and do not appreciate the freedom, it’s just that coming up with the name that would not only suit your character, but also fit into the atmosphere of particular game setting is a pretty difficult task (and annoying one). But the good news is… (imagine the drums playing) Now that you have found this Final Fantasy name generator this task will take only few minutes! You will be suggested with variety of powerful, melodic and original names. Thus there will be only one job left for you: you will have to make the final choice.

As this system is able to generate thousands of different names, we were worried that you might get lost among variety of options… But we have found the way to prevent this problem. Below in this window you will find two separate sections: “Final Fantasy Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”. The first of them will contain all the options that have been generated up to that point. Choose the ones you like most and click on each of them. As soon as you do as we say, the names will be added to your favorites list. This way you won’t have to memorize anything and it will be easier to make comparisons. Have fun using this Final Fantasy name generator!

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