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Welcome to our website! So you need a cool fantasy name and nothing comes to your mind? Don’t tell, I have been there and I know the feeling… In fact this is exactly why I have started working on this fantasy name generator. I knew I am not the only person in the world who just hates sitting still, staring at one point , wasting time for nothing, just a stupid name. One day I decided it is time to get rid of this problem once and for all, so I created a database that contains thousands of fantasy names and developed a simple system that chooses and suggest names randomly with a click of a button. It took some time, but I believe that this fantasy name generator was totally worth it. It is really convenient to use and can come in handy in variety of cases.
What for exactly? Most importantly, it is great if you need a name for some video game character or MMO character. The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons… Whichever game you are playing, whatever kind of creature is your character, the name that is perfect for you is somewhere on this website. Yes, this might sound a little bit cheese, almost like “don’t worry, the person who was made for you is somewhere out there…”, but that’s just how it is! This fantasy name generator is really that good. I might not be the most modest person in the world, but I am honest.
The system you have just come across could also come in handy is you are writing some sort of fantasy novel or story. In fact, it could even help you to come up with some new fascinating characters! Just read the name, close your eyes for a several seconds and see what comes into your mind. This is actually quite a good exercise for imagination used by variety of people who make their living by writing.
To start using this fantasy name generator, click the button you see right below this paragraph. If you like it, slide down the window until you see the title “Fantasy Names Generated”. This way the name will be transferred into your favorite names list and won’t slip out of your mind. Have fun and don’t forget to take the copy of the list before you leave the website! Who knows, maybe you will need them tomorrow…

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