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So, Sirs and Madams, you are having trouble coming up with some fancy names? We cannot say we are surprised… Over the last few decades it has been getting more and more popular to choose short, modern names and the tradition of giving kids long fancy names is no longer vivid in most countries (at least in the west). Thus for most of us the space where we can still “meet” people with fancy names is only provided by books (history textbooks or belles-lettres) and movies. In such circumstances, it is not surprising that most of us have difficulties trying to come up with original and memorable posh names- we just don’t have many examples. To help all the people who are dealing with the task, we have developed an advanced fancy name generator. It contains thousands of different name combinations, thus no matter whether you are looking a male or female name and how picky you are, will find something that meets all your requirements.

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