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Thank you for choosing this email name generator! So have you ever tried to come up with a cool email name relying on your own imagination? Or maybe you just assumed it would be a waste of time and started looking for some online help right away? Although most of us have been toughed and encouraged to be independent whenever it is possible and only ask for help if this is the last resort, in this case “giving up before starting” would actually be a smart move. Why?

Coming up with a cool email name is way harder than you might think and even trying could drive you mad. You must have noticed that most of your friends, classmates, relatives and etc. have not just one email account, but a few of them. For example one of them is used for emailing with friends, the other is reserved for work related matters only, the third is meant for school/college/university stuff, the fourth is actually just a relic from their teenage years that remains undeleted for one reason or another, and so on… Thanks to people like this, finding an email name that would not be already in use is extremely difficult. At least if you don’t know some good email name generator… But if you are reading this text, now you do!

Don’t get too excited yet… there are a couple of things you should know before starting to use this email name generator. First of all, in most circumstances the good email name has to be at least a little bit personal. That means, it has to have some sort of connection with your personality. Now how do you make this happen? You could simply choose the suggested name that already meets this requirement (yes, this is Captain Obvious talking, but not everybody is equally sharp…) or make some adjustments. For example, if traveling is just a burden on your shoulders, instead of taking the suggestion as given you could change it to However, while making these improvements you should keep in mind that a good email name must be memorable and in most cases this means “reasonably short”.

Now enough of tips and suggestions. Go ahead, click the button right below this text and check out this email name generator by yourself! We are absolutely sure that if you have some patience, you won’t leave this website disappointed.

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