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Thanks for choosing our elvish name generator! So… We assume you are about to start playing some sort of online RPG game and need a name for your character? You have already tried to think of something by yourself but it did not work out? You just hate thinking up names? Who does not… This is probably the most annoying task ever. But now that you have found this elvish name generator, this job will never bother you again. No matter what kind of elf is your character, no matter how choosy you are, the name you need is somewhere in our endless database. Ok, “endless” might be an exaggeration, but just a little one. We have tens of thousands of different names and if you think we are lying, try counting them! Just kidding, we know nobody would waste time for this.
The name for video game character is not what you need? Don’t get disappointed too soon…. This elvish name generator can also suggest names that will suit book characters, dungeons and dragons characters and pretty much every elvish character you could possibly think of. Some of them are rater “classic” and sound as if they were taken from the books by R. R. Tolkien, the others are a bit more unusual… In other words, there is something for everyone’s taste. And don’t worry, we did not include any of those “elvish names”- random letter combinations that people who are not actually interested in fantasy books and games think to be elvish. So, having this said, you can go ahead and check out this system by yourself! Unless, of course, you are on this website for the first time and have no clue how to use it. If this is the case, read the following paragraph…
So to start looking for your elven name, click the button that reads “Generate Elven Names”. Once you do it, the system will generate a new suggestion. Now when you see the name you like, slide down the window and find it in the section titled “Elven names generated”. If you have seen the name just a second ago, it should be somewhere close to the top. Click on that name and it will be transferred into the section on the right. This way you can be sure that it won’t get long among variety of suggestions. We hope you will find this elvish name generator useful!

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