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Welcome to the elven name generator, our fellow fan of fantasy! So coming up with the name for your elven character(s) is not as easy as one might expect? Don’t say, we know… This can be especially tricky is you are about to start playing some Massively Multiplayer Online game, which already has thousands of registered users. If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with the frustration that comes after you try to log on with the 5th different name and it appears to be already in use. But then again, this is not only the problem with online games, this is the problem with all popular websites. So are you looking for a name for your role playing game character? If this is the case, than this elven name generator is exactly what you need. Our database contains names that will suit the elves of all classes and types, both male and female.
This elven name generator could also be useful for fantasy writers. You might think that somebody who is able to come up with the whole story should also be able to think of an appropriate name for one of his characters, but this is not how it actually works. Elven names are rather specific and for the person who does not know how they are supposed to sound it is almost impossible to come up with a realistic (or should we say the opposite? ) elven name. You can’t just name the elf “Jenny” or “Michael”, you know that.
The third group of people we believe this system could be useful are fantasy fans who want to use an elven name on some sort of online social network, twitter or any other kind of website. Some people might find this strange, but who cares about them. Elven names are powerful, melodic and original. In any case, they sound 1000xbetter than “Rachael124”, “YellowSpongyChair” and similar nonsense.
So what are you waiting for? Be our guest and start using this elven name generator right away! As you will see, it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is click the button and the new suggestion will appear right in the centre of your screen. That’s true, no need to fill in any spaces, no registration, no “simple steps”… Have fun and don’t forget this website the next time you are in a hurry and need a really cool name!

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