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Thank you for choosing this elf name generator! If you landed on this webpage, you would probably agree that elves are among the most fascinating fantasy creatures that have ever been created… Personally I have fallen in love with this race back in my childhood, when I have first read Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. Surely, this celebrated author is not the only one who has introduced these wonderful creatures into his stories. Elves appear in tails, myths and legends that are nearly as old as our civilization itself. Over the last century elf characters have become the center of attention in variety of books, movies, television series and video games. The unfading popularity of these magical beings has inspired us for creating this elf name generator!

But what exactly this system could be useful for? First of all, it is a perfect tool for all the fans of Lord of the Rings online, World of Warcraft and similar fantasy online role playing games that allow choosing elves as playable characters. Of course, if you belong to this fandom, you already know that elves are usually divided into variety of subraces and subcategories. What makes them different from each other is not just the appearance, some superficial features, but the whole nature, history and culture. Thus various types of elves often require for different types of names. To make sure that you won’t have to look for a new website each time you decide to choose an elf that belongs to another subcategory, we have made this elf name generator really universal. For example, if you are playing World of Warcraft, this system will allow you to find perfect names for both Night Elves and Blood Elves, as well as some of the Draeinei characters.

For example, if you have chosen male Night Elf character, you might like the names belidul, Elind, haldir, Lamondi, Piriand, Adwaelah, Protos, Pithrang, Pallanen or Lamondi. Meanwhile if you prefer Blood Elves, names like Eldoren, Elvudur, Thalaron, Mun, Badhor, Caluril or Melith might be more suitable for you.

Now enough of the examples! You will see these and variety of other elven names as soon as you start using this elf name generator! You have no idea how to do it? This is easier than you might think. Just click the button that reads “Generate Elf Names” and one new suggestion will pop out in front of you!

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