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Welcome to our DnD name generator! If you are a real fan of this game, you must already know a little about how this game was first created. But here comes some interesting facts for those who do not. DnD was developed by two old friends who loved fantasy games and clearly, did not lack imagination. It has first reached the stores as a board game and later inspired some video games. Although four decades have passed since it was invented, today Dungeons and Dragons is as popular as ever and this is exactly why we have decided to get working on this DnD name generator. In fact, this game has already become a part of popular culture. You must have noticed it is often mentioned on movies and television series, such as Big Bang Theory. If you are following this show, you probably remember the series in which the guys gather for this game.
As you know, Dungeons and Dragons is not just any game. It really allows for your imagination to run free and its development is largely unpredictable. Whether you are playing an online version of the game, or spending an evening with your friends and a classical Dungeons and Dragons board, you are just bound to have a good time. Surely, before you start your journey into the dungeons there is one annoying task in front of you: you must pick a name for your character. But that’s what this DnD name generator is for! Now that you found it, all you have to do is click the button and a cool name will appear right in front of you.
Which button are we talking about? Clearly, the one right below this text… You can keep clicking as long as you want, the database we have is almost literally endless. No matter what kind of character you chose, there must be something for you. Too many names to chose from and you keep forgetting the ones you have seen a minute ago? Slide down the window and you will find them listed under the title “DnD names generated”. The longer ago the name was suggested, the lower it will be in the list. So have fun using this DnD name generator and remember this website the next time you need a name for some fantasy character. Don’t waste your own time for thinking!

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