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Thank you for choosing this company name generator! Every person who has ever tried to launch a private business knows how difficult it is to come up with an appropriate name for it. It is not uncommon that this task consumes more time than any other and in the end becomes a reason to postpone the opening day. Surely, such problems usually remain “behind the curtains” and it is hard to get a businessman to admit that he just did not manage to choose the right name in time. Such confession might just ruin his reputation.

However, a bigger mistake would be to try to fit into the predetermined time limits no matter what and due to this haste, to make a wrong decision. Everyone who has some experience in the world of business knows that at least in certain circumstances (for example, when the product/service is not extremely innovative and there are plenty of companies competing in the same niche) the name has a major influence on the success or failure of the company. In fact, choosing the wrong name is probably one of the most reliable ways to repudiate the potential customers. To make sure that at least you get the chance to prove that your product or service is worth choosing, we have developed this company name generator. Now that you have found it, thousands of original and interesting titles are at your fingertips!

There is one more thing you should know before starting to use this company name generator. That is, you should not be afraid to experiment and use our suggestions as a source of inspiration to come up with something completely different. Whether you know it or not, some really weird stories lie behind the names of the greatest companies. For example, the developers of Google came up with this short title after joking that the amount of information this search engine can find is equivalent to one googol (1 followed by 100 zeros). The company Asus is actually named after a mythological creature Pegasus, (the first three letters were deleted so the name would rank higher in alphabet listings), while Ikea is an abbreviation for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd (this is the name of the founder + name of his hometown). These excamples point out that sometimes the perfect names are found in the weirdest ways. We hope that this company name generator will lead you towards it!

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